FAQ on Skin Changer Online Project

Due to the fact that Skin Changer is a relatively new project, gamers often have questions about using this product. Customer Support managers try to quickly respond to user requests. However, there are more and more players, and support does not have enough resources to quickly serve everyone. To take the pressure off Support and save you time, the most common questions about Skin Changer have been collected here. They relate to areas such as:

  • principle of operation and algorithms of the service;
  • safety of using the Skin Changer program;
  • visibility of changes (new skins) to other players;
  • advantages compared to official gaming sites.


Read the answers to frequently asked questions about Skin Changer. Even if you don’t find the answer to your question here, you might get some new useful information. If the FAQ section does not contain what you need, please contact Customer Support managers.

This service allows you to get game skins without donations, which you have to make on the official developer marketplaces. Saving money goes hand in hand with saving time. Skins are searched automatically. All that is required of the player is to make the appropriate request. If a gamers want to get premium skins, they will also need to register. However, this procedure is simple and takes a little time.

The developers offer players a small program that is synchronized with the root directory of the game. With the help of special decoders, the keys that protect paid skins are decrypted. Moreover, the whole process is carried out automatically. Therefore, the user does not need IT skills at all.

Yes. Protective anti-cheats set by computer game developers do not define the use of Skin Changer as a violation. As for the security of software for user devices, each program is tested with an antivirus before launch. The issue of the security of payment transactions made when purchasing premium skins is resolved through registration. The Skin Changer software provider takes responsibility for protecting payments and money on user accounts.

In most cases, these changes are not visually expressed. Replacement in Dota 2, CS:GO and a number of other games is done locally. Therefore, only standard game images will be visible on the screen. Moreover, they will be invisible not only for other users, but also for the player himself using Skin Changer